Standard Prime Choice Warranty

Prime Choice hereby warrants to the purchaser that all Auto Parts we sell are serviceable and functional. If an Auto Part is found to be defective within six months* from date of purchase Prime Choice shall, at its discretion, provide either a replacement Auto Part or a refund. Auto Parts which are returned for a reason other than warranty are subject to a 15% restocking charge. No reimbursements will be given for delay, labor, mileage, or any other costs involved in installation or re-installation of the Auto Parts in question. Warranty and Shipping Damage related claims may require authentication – do not dispose of parts until instructed.

To file a warranty claim, customers are required to submit their information using the Warranty/Damage Claim form found on the Prime Choice website. All Warranty Claims require a copy of your original purchase receipt, an image of the warrantied part NOT attached to the vehicle, and an image showing the part stamp, if visible, on the warrantied part. You may be required to return the part for inspection and you may be required to purchase a new replacement part while the warranty claim is being processed. Once the warranty claim has been reviewed and approved, Prime Choice will provide you with a refund of the original purchase price. If for any reason a replacement part is not available, Prime Choice will reimburse you the original purchase price of the part.

*Electrical components such as Alternators, Starters, Fuel Pumps, and Oxygen Sensors are covered by a 90 day warranty. Filters do not come with any warranty.


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